8 Things Single Women Hate

If you had to take a guess, what’s one of the main things you think that single men looking for a girlfriend think about? If you guessed what single women hate, you’re not far off. The last thing guys want to do is blow their chances with a hot, single woman, and often that’s exactly what they do. Why? Because men have no idea what these women hate! So basically they remain clueless, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Sounds like a pointless cycle, right? To us it does, and that’s why we’re here to help. Today we’re going to drop some knowledge for all of you single men looking for free fucks, and we’re going to make some single women relate to our points. Read on to get some of the most useful information of your romantic life.

  1. Getting asked: How are you still single? Some guys think it’s charming or some compliment to ask a single woman why they’re still single. In their mind, they’re thinking, well she’s super great so why wouldn’t she have a boyfriend already? Even if you have the best of intentions when asking a single woman this backhanded question, don’t. Because what she hears is “What’s secretly wrong with you that makes no men want to date you?” And maybe she’s single because that’s how she likes it. And honestly guys, what sort of answer are you expecting to get from her anyways? Just be better safe than sorry and don’t ask.
  2. Getting asked to send pictures. It shouldn’t be groundbreaking for you guys to hear that single women don’t want to be asked to send nude or sexy pictures. What are we, in high school? It’s tacky, gross, and says a lot about the guy that’s asking. She will automatically think you’re a skeevy if you text her with a “send me a pic” message. If you want to be more charming and flirty, say “I miss your smile! Shoot me a picture?” That way, she’s getting a compliment and doesn’t get the impression you’re just another jerk.
  3. Being called crazy. It is proven by science that women value communication more than men and that women are more prone to be sensitive than men. What I’m saying is, there’s practically nothing we can do about it. Women’s hormones affect their brains in more dramatic ways than men will ever experience. That’s why PMS happens. Also, you single men out there are so prone to making sure women are on some birth control. Did you know that taking birth control is literally like taking a shot of extra hormones every day?! Well, that’s exactly what it is. My point is, single women hate being called crazy because we aren’t. Our bodies and minds just work different than men’s do, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Obviously, if the chick is a stalker, abuser, or violent- maybe she’s crazy. But if she overreacts about something, or is super sensitive about something you said- don’t use the C-word. NO, not that C-word, the crazy c-word. Instead, try to understand why she’s reacting the way she is and then try and do something to make it better.
  4. Pick up lines. If you’re over the age of 20 and aren’t a standup comedian, we shouldn’t have to tell you that pick up lines are so 2002. They’re cheesy, usually not funny, sometimes inappropriate, and nearly 99% of the time they’re not successful. So why bother? You single guys are way better off just being yourselves and sparking a conversation or giving a single woman a compliment instead of using a pickup line. If you use a pickup line, you’ll appear immature and not worth the woman’s time.
  5. Trying intense sex too soon. Okay, we’re all for experimenting in the bedroom, but guys- please refrain unless prompted for the beginning of a new fling. Single women don’t want to be asked to try anal, be tied up, or anything else your mind can imagine on the first or second date. Hell, they might not even want to have vanilla sex with you on the first few dates. Even if you are a freak in the sheets, refrain from trying anything creative too early. It’ll turn her off, big time. On the other hand, if she prompts it, then go for it.
  6. Warning them that they don’t want to be serious right off the bat. Let me paint a picture for you. You’re on your first date with a girl; everything is going great. She’s hot, funny, and super easy to talk to. But for whatever reason you feel the need to let her know you’re not looking for anything serious. Notice how her attitude for the rest of the dinner changes?! Yes, because now she is totally thrown off. Even if you weren’t looking for something serious, you don’t need to throw that off on the very first date. It makes it seem like you’re already assuming she wants something serious, which she very well might not. And even if you didn’t mean it in this way, she might get the impression that all you want to do is sleep with her, which is not good.
  7. Guys that come on way too strong. If you’re really into a single woman, that’s all good, but don’t let it show to the point of you coming across as desperate or creepy. If she’s into you, you’ll get the hint, and if she’s not then back off. If she doesn’t respond to your texts or seems uninterested if you approach her at a bar, then give it a rest. There’s no bigger turn-off for single women than a man who comes on way too strong.
  8. Guys that brag.Single people obviously want to put their best face forward whether with friends or a potential mate, but there’s a big difference between doing that and showing off. Guys that blab on about their cars, money, and people they know can come off as total douchebags. Even if you want to impress the woman, relax and just be yourself. You’re way better off doing that anyways.