Best Sex Apps to Meet New Friends

Meeting new friends is easily one of the most socially valuable function that humans can do. Building new connections, relationships, and friendships with new people is a huge part of happy lives. And if you’re looking for friends with benefits, you have to be friends first. When you move to a new city, transfer schools, or travel, the first thing you want is friends, right? Unfortunately, meeting new friends all on your own isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s often difficult more times than it isn’t. So what’s the solution to this very relevant problem that will affect every one of us at some point? Apps! iPhone and Android apps seem to have a solution to every problem, and meeting new people is no exception. So which apps are the best? We’ve done our homework and found the top 8 best fuckbook apps to meet new friends in 2016.

  1. Bonappetour – According to Business Insider, Bonappetour is the best app to meet people at “home” restaurants in cities and towns. What’s a home restaurant? It’s where a skilled chef or amateur cook serves restaurant quality meals in their home. This setting is so much more intimate and warm feeling, which makes it easier to build connections with other diners. Whether you’re traveling, or just want to meet new people in your city, Bonappetour is a great way to meet new friends while enjoying a great meal. Even better, this app is free.
  2. Happn – Happn is the app we’ve all been waiting for. Happn automatically connects you to the people you’ve crossed paths with based on your location throughout the day. Whether you were in the same coffee shop, at the same concert, or simply passed each other on the street, you’ll be able to see with Happn. If you think they’re cute and want to make a connection, you “heart” them, but they won’t know that you did unless they heart you back! It’s like Tinder, but better- and it’s free!
  3. Party with a Local – Are you someone who loves to party? You’re carefree, young (or not), and just want to live it up? Then Party With a Local is perfect for you to meet new friends. Whether you’re traveling, living in a new city, or just want to make new connections, this app is awesome for you. Party With a Local is exactly what it sounds like- it’s an app that connects you with people nearby who want to party too. You can chat with each other to talk about what’s going on around town that night, which ideally leads to you meeting up with them. What better way to make a new friend than by listening to good music over a few drinks? This app is free, too!
  4. Grouper – One of the best ways to make new friends is by meeting your existing friend’s crew. You figure logically if I love my BFF Molly, and then I’ll love Molly’s friends from work, right? Well, Grouper puts this theory to the test and allows users to choose friends-of-friends to meet. If the feeling is mutual, then the app plans a Grouper for you, which is drinks between your friends and theirs. Grouper does all of the work for you; you just have to sign up! Unfortunately, only IOS users can get this app, but on the upside it’s free.
  5. Bumble – Bumble is perfect for meeting new friends if you’re a woman who might want to turn a friendship into something more. Bumble is Tinder with a twist because only women can make the first move. Bumble is changing the dating rules and requires the woman to be the one to start a conversation first. So if you’re a single chick in a new town that wants to find a guy to go on a few dates with, Bumble is for you. Bumble has been the number 1 app to find local sex buddies in 2018
  6. Chatous – Chatous is perfect to meet new friends who share the same interests as you because that’s the app’s whole purpose. Chatous connects you with people based on similar interests via hashtags. So, you type in a hashtag and then Chatous matches you with people who typed in the same one. Whether it’s photography, dancing, a particular band, or even drinking, Chatous lets you get to chatting about things that matter to you with people who care. And it’s free!
  7. Tastebuds – Tastebuds is for all of you huge music fans out there that want to meet new people based off of similar music tastes. Like country? Obsessed with The Beatles? Whatever your taste is, find people who love the same artists as you. Maybe you guys can plan to go to a concert together, or simply get together to enjoy some tunes in the comfort of your home. Maybe you guys are even musicians who can jam out together. Sometimes it’s nice to let your inner music freak collaborate with others.
  8. Wiith – Forget all those dating apps out there, Wiith is all about meeting new locals. The Wiith app connects nearby people who share the same interests so that they can meet up for local activities and events. Wiith users can create or even join others user’s events. Similar to Tinder, users anonymously select who they’d like to join. After that, Wiith users will receive a notification when the app suggests a hangout between two people. Based in San Francisco, the app hopes to grow nationwide ASAP.

Meeting new friends doesn’t have to be so hard, and this list clearly is an awesome resource for anyone looking to build connections and friendships. Whether you’re a huge partyer, a music fanatic, or someone who loves a good meal, this list has a little bit for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Download one, two, or all of these apps and give it a shot. You truly don’t have anything to lose, besides potential friendships.