Having Good Sex with Friends: Pros and Cons of Being Fuck Buddies

Friends with benefits is something we all understand. Is it really a good idea for friends to have sex? You may be surprised.

Everyone has known someone who had benefits in their life. It’s a part and parcel of our lives. It’s similar to going through puberty and having your first sex experience. It’s a sort of rite of passage that many people experience when they are just starting to figure out their desires.

They might not want to be in a relationship at this point in their lives. They may just want to have fun and have healthy sex without the commitment of a relationship. Is it a bad idea to have sex with your friends?

Why are people having sex with their friends?

Many people believe that you shouldn’t have sex with anyone but those you are emotionally connected to. Why is it that some people choose to have sex with friends instead of falling in love?

They can’t find an emotional partner, but they still want sex because it feels good! Maybe they just want to have sex with someone they trust, which would be a friend.

Would it be a good idea for friends to have sex?

It doesn’t matter if you trust them or care about them more than a stranger. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t be sleeping with them. Why? Because sex complicates everything.

These pros and cons are worth considering if you are weighing whether to have sex in a relationship with friends. You may not need to be in a relationship or get hot and heavy under the sheets.


Sex with friends has many positives. These are all good things, but is it worth giving yourself up to someone? While some might say yes to it, others may say that it is definitely not worth it. [Read: 16 signs that your friend is ready to have sex.]

#1 Trust them. This is no surprise. It’s risky to allow strangers full access to your home and personal belongings. It’s great to have sex with friends because you get to know them and trust them.

#2 It’s convenient. It doesn’t take long to get to know them well and feel safe around them. It’s much more convenient this way. It’s easy to make the decision, then just go for it. It’s fast, simple, and hassle-free.

#3 No relationship drama. You’re sure to understand what I mean. No jealousy. No drama. It’s easy to keep in touch with them and update them about your day. You can have all the fun of sex without having to deal with all the problems.

#4 Don’t be afraid to tell your friends what you want. It’s great to have sex with friends because you don’t hesitate to tell them what you want in bed. There’s always the fear of judgement with a random person or someone in a relationship. This is completely gone when you have a friend. [Read: How to have sex with your best friend.

#5 Hooking up with strangers is not as risky. Your friend isn’t known for having sex with anyone and they are STD-free. This means you don’t have the risk of them lying about contraceptive methods or birth control.

#6 You already get along. You wouldn’t be friends if you didn’t. This is great, because it’s always more fun to have sex with someone you like than with someone you don’t get along with.

#7 Practice being comfortable in bed. This is the best part of sex with friends. It is possible to get very, really good at sex. If the right person comes along, you will be able to wow them with all your skills.


You can see that having sex with friends can lead to some serious problems. Here are some of the risks and downsides to sexing with friends. These may discourage you from having sex with friends. [Read: How to Get a Fuck Buddy – Everything You Need to Know]

#1. You might develop feelings. This is why you shouldn’t have sexual contact with friends. Do you really want to have feelings for someone you only know as a friend? You might feel hurt and overwhelmed.

#2 They may not reciprocate. This can really hurt. It can make sex difficult and even painful if you have feelings for someone else and they don’t feel the same. You also miss out on the benefits of not having feelings for the person that you are sleeping with.

It can make your friendship awkward. It’s important to feel secure in your friendship. If you aren’t, it will make getting naked and stripped down with them very awkward. You can take this risk if you are ready. If you aren’t, don’t sleep with them.

#4 You could endanger your friendship. The relationship may be destroyed if things turn sour. If you cross the line and go to bed together, there’s always the possibility of losing a friend. It’s possible to have problems and lose a friend. [Read: From friend to lover – Are you falling in love with a friend?]

#5 Emotional intimacy is still something you will long for. Sex is not the only way to fill that emotional gap. To feel happy and fulfilled, we need to be close to someone.

If you are feeling lonely and want to have sex with your friends, it won’t solve that. While you will be sexually satisfied with your partner, you will still long for an emotional connection with them.

#6 It isn’t as satisfying. It feels good. It’s great to feel emotionally connected with your partner and share something important with them. Although you may feel physically satisfied, you will soon find yourself feeling less fulfilled. [Read: How to sleep with a friend. The definitive guide.

#7 Your friends might treat you differently. You are likely to be in the same friendship group. If your friends discover this, they may start to treat you differently. You’ll find them acting awkwardly around you, or worse, treating you both like a couple. This can be very annoying if you only have sex.

It’s a common thing to hook up with friends. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that sex with friends is the best idea. You have the right to choose what is best for you.