3 Sex Apps for Singles to Hookup Tonight

Dating isn’t easy, as we all know very well, and for a variety of reasons. It’s pretty difficult to think of what to say when you first approach someone, first dates can be really awkward, and finding someone who is as into you as you are into them is much easier said than done.

Past generations had to do it the old fashioned way, but millennials are very fortunate; we have smartphones, and these babies can do a lot. One thing you can do on your smartphone in a relatively short amount of time is find singles to hookup with tonight.

There’s a bevy of dating apps to found in the Apple and Android app stores, but you can avoid the vast majority of them, since your goal in mind is to find someone to hookup with tonight. Don’t bother signing up for OkCupid or Coffee Meets Bagel; they’re alright for getting a datable girlfriend, but most users on those apps aren’t looking for a one night stand.

There are, to your benefit, a few apps worthy of your time; three to be exact, and these apps should do your sex life a real number. Take some notes, boys and girls, because you’re about to receive some valuable information.

  1. Tinder – Okay, I’m sure you saw this one coming, but it’s here for a reason: it works. When you want a relationship, chances are you can find more than a few prospects worthy of your time, and if you’d prefer something that is the exact opposite of commitment, you sure as hell can find somebody who’d be into hitting it but then quitting it.

    Easy to use, Tinder is a mainstay in the overground-yet-underground network that is the hookup world. Swipe left and right as Tinder suggests potential hookups, and before long you should have a match. If you’re ready to stop swiping, and start banging, then you should use a fuck book app.

    To improve your chances of a hottie swiping right on you, upload some of your best pics, and you can include in your bio that you’re not looking for a relationship, which is code for “Don’t expect to see me in the morning”, which is your main objective, right? Problem solved.

    With tons and tons of users online in your area, it shouldn’t take very long for you to match with someone, which is one reason why Tinder is a hookup hotspot. It’s free, so you might as well give it a shot, if you haven’t already (and if you have, edit your profile to optimize it for people interested in just hooking up).
  2. Pure – Pure is another free app, and unlike Tinder, it’s sole focus is to get you laid right now. It’s not trying to find you a date with someone just like you; it’s only goal in life is to make your sex life the envy of everyone you know.

    It’s sort of similar in interface with Tinder, as you have a few selfies and a short bio, but there’s no Facebook login, so you’re safe in that respect. Speaking of safe, Pure doesn’t store any nudes you decide to send – your entire chat history with someone is erased forever after an hour, which is supposed to encourage users to hookup now.

    Rather than swiping on potential partners the app suggests for you, Pure uses your location to find a hookup close to you. You view these potential hookups after you upload a photo, which is basically a post telling other users that you’re nearby, and these people have just one hour to decide on whether or not they want to sleep with you.

    Pure is more secretive than Tinder, but for good reason; while you do want to hookup with someone tonight, you wouldn’t hookup with just anyone , and Pure lets you choose from who’s close to you geographically. Best suited for metropolitan areas with dense populations, you won’t have much success in rural areas, unfortunately.

    If you live in city and you’d really enjoy some fun without the commitment, give Pure a try, especially if you’re looking to just get a fuck buddy.
  3. Down – One of the more appropriate names for hookup apps, Down is here with the intent of hooking you up with someone you already know. What? Why?

    Down wants you to hookup with one of your Facebook friends, but does it anonymously, so users won’t know you’d be “down” unless they’re “down” to get down with you too. If you’ve had your eye on one of your single friends for a while but wasn’t sure how to approach them, give Down a try, and you might get what you were looking for.

    When it comes to searching your social circle for a hookup, be careful, as some friends may be totally put off if you ask them directly, but using Down is a safe way to test the waters for who’s interested in hooking up. Formerly called Bang With Friends, this app had to go through a name change in order to get back in the good graces of the App Store, but now that it’s back, take advantage of Down and give it a shot – it’s anonymous, so there’s no harm in trying!

These three apps are great for singles looking to hookup tonight. Most ‘dating’ apps are centered around the formal side of dating, but these apps have taken another route; they know what you really want, and do a solid job in providing that for their users.

The hookup scene can be rocky, so it helps to have apps out there that can make the process a bit more comfortable and safe for people who aren’t hookup pros. Tinder, Pure and Down will all help you find someone to hookup with; will you finally go for it tonight, or will you leave it up to destiny?