Unexpected Places to Meet Guys for Sex

No-strings-attached, on-demand sex seems more accessible than ever in this technology-obsessed age. You probably know this from personal experience, but you should also be able to imagine that location is everything. Although you could hook up with a soon to be one-night stand wherever, according to Saucy Dates (a casual dating site), some locations are less popular than others when it comes to the location of the meeting. A recent survey of more than 10,000 members revealed the top places to find a one night stand.

David Minns, founder of Saucy Dates, says that people enjoy the idea of a one night stand because it allows them to be more adventurous and experimental. Many respondents also commented on how they enjoyed the thrill of meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out. But if it does, there are some lessons you can use to help you in the future.

Rachel Needle, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified sexual therapist in West Palm Beach. She says that one-night stands can have many benefits. According to Bustle, “It can be liberating. It’s stress-free. There are no expectations regarding performance, which allows us to have sex more freely and relieves the pressure we put on ourselves when sexing. One-night stands can be a great way to boost your ego. It’s great to feel like someone wants to have sex only because of your looks, charm, or the skills that you have that night.

It’s important to be safe in casual sex. This applies to both single sex and sex with friends. Dr. Needle states that it is crucial that both partners aren’t drunk and can consent to and communicate about the hookup. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by wearing protection at every stage of the ‘hookup.

According to Saucy dates’ findings, these are the best 10 places to have a one-night stand.


On the Street: 15%


15% of respondents said they met their one-night stand on the streets. You would never know! These tips will make you think twice about your next walk.


Bar & Party: 14% (Tie)


With 14 percent of the respondents, it was second. It tied with “a party”, which is where you can meet someone for a one-night relationship. The two I think are similar. You are out with friends (or without), drinking (or not), there are many eligible men and women around you.


Hotel: 11%


Casual sex is possible if you are visiting a hotel for a casual drink, or as part of a business trip. One-night stands are a great place to go in hotels, according to eleven percent of respondents. You now know the truth!


Nightclub: 9%


Nine percent of respondents said that nightclubs are a good place to meet people for sex. It makes sense, considering you might already be in close contact while dancing with strangers.


Wedding: 8%


Are you a single person who has ever been to a wedding? Did you sit at the singles’ tables? Eight percent of Saucy Dates respondents thought that weddings were a great place to have a one-night stand. Romance is hot! ).

Do you need proof? One-night stands at weddings were a common occurrence for a friend. The woman he was with ended up being a three-year relationship. One-night stands do not end with one night.


Public transportation: 7%


Next time you take the bus or train, stop and look around. Your next one-night date could be right in front of you. 71% of respondents said public transport is a great place to find a one night stand. This might make your commute easier.


Gym & Museum: 5%


Some people go to the gym to lift others up, not for exercise. They’re not the only ones. Saucy Dates discovered that 5 percent of people go to the gym for more than just the weight loss or access to art exhibits.


Through a Neighbor: 4%


It’s easy to make new friends with neighbors, even if it’s just for a one-night stand. It’s no surprise that 4 percent of respondents agreed. You may also trust that the soon-to be one-night-stander is someone you know and have built-in comfort with.


At A Shop: 3%


You might be shopping for more than clothes and food next time you shop. It’s possible to ask someone for advice on fruit or a sale item, then end up at their place the next. 33% of respondents said that they had found one-night stands in this manner. Talking about tomatoes, or any other seemingly benign thing, could lead to much more.


Concert & Online Dating: 2% (Tie)


Online dating sites and concerts ranked 10th as places to meet for a one-night date, with only 2% of respondents choosing them. Are you shocked that dating apps and websites came in 10th? Wow.

Did any of these locations surprise you in finding a one-night date? Minns reveals that online dating and street were the two most surprising venues. Our findings don’t support the notion that dating apps and websites have created a hookup culture. Long-term casual relationships seem to be the norm. These can then grow further. It was also a surprise that the number one spot went to street. It makes perfect sense, however, if you think about it. Hopefully, we’ll see more people try this technique.”

I am curious, as well, if there will be more street vendors selling one-night stands. The above should make you reconsider where your one-night stands are located.