5 Best Sex Apps to Find a Girlfriend Near You

Let’s face it, finding a girlfriend isn’t as easy as we all would like it to be. It’s 2016 and between all the pressure, social media, and fake people out there finding someone to date is way harder than we wish it could be. Thankfully, that’s what dating apps are for! Dating apps are one of the best ways to find a girlfriend because you have so many girls to connect with at your fingertips. The hard part about fuck dating apps is that there’s SO many, it could be difficult to differentiate which ones are better than others. That’s where we come in! We did our research and found out how so many guys are finding girlfriends. It’s through these awesome apps! We have come up with a list of the five best apps to meet the girl of your dreams.

  1. Tinder – Tinder sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s arguably sleazy, and only used to find casual fuck buddies but there are so many diamonds in the rough on this app. Sure, a lot of skeeves and sluts use this app, but so do a lot of quality men and women that simply want to meet someone right for them! The proof is in the pudding: Tinder has had over 6 billion matches. Can you believe that?! 6 billion matches, that’s almost as many matches for every human on this planet. Tinder is user-friendly and easy to use, all you do is the signup and start swiping. If you find a hottie, you’re interested in, swipe right. If you’re not digging it, swipe left. The people you swipe “yes” for don’t know that you were into them unless they swipe you right back! If that fact alone doesn’t convince you, here is some praise from other sources. New York Times claimed that Tinder has solved online dating for women, and Forbes called it the world’s hottest app. Sold yet?
  2. AYI – AYI is a dating app solely for single adults, so you can find a girlfriend using this app for sure. With over one million users, AYI has one of the largest user databases in the dating app game! AYI uses your Facebook profile to sync you up to locals and friends-of-friends that you might be interested in. AYI also makes it super easy and simple to meet people with similar interests, like wine, cooking, jogging, or country music to name a few. On appcrawlr.com, AYI ranked #1 out of 46 apps with the keyword to meet girls. So, guys, you’re making the right move if you download this app today, and you’re missing out if you don’t!
  3. Badoo – With an average of a 4 rating with nearly 30,000 users weighing in, Badoo is a crowd pleaser. Badoo is all about connecting you with people that you’ve crossed paths with. You can find people who love the places you love, find out where you’ve bumped into each other, and you can only start a convo if both of you are interested. This app sounds ideal to find a girlfriend! Although this app isn’t free, the inexpensive fees are totally worth using this app’s awesome features that can have you meeting tons of potential girlfriends. Over 72% of users were totally satisfied with everything about this app, so that means you could be too if you try it. Some of the best things users like about Badoo is how easy it is to use, the social aspects, and how fun and engaging it is. People also love how unique it is, and how useful it is to meet new romantic interests and even friends along the way.
  4. Bumble – Bumble puts a modern twist on traditional dating because only the woman can start a conversation with a man she’s interested in! It’s honestly the best way to find friends with benefits That’s right, guys can’t start a conversation with any of Bumble’s users. You might think this is dumb, because if you’re into a girl why can’t you reach out? Well, think about it, if you reach out to a girl without knowing she’s into you, there’s a chance she’s going to shut you down. But with Bumble, you already are positive that the woman reaching out to you is interested! So it skips a step for you and makes you more confident to talk to her with ease. Bumble also has a reputation for having more classy users, which mean you’re bound to find a girlfriend. Business Insider called Bumble the best dating app, and users agree! The app has an average 4 star rating on the IOS and Android app store. Give Bumble a try, it’s free, and everyone loves it, so you have nothing to lose- besides the potential of finding a babe!
  5. Flurv – Flurv is one of appcrawlr.com’s top choices for dating apps, and users agree. The app has an average of 4 stars with over 30,000 people weighing in to vote. Flurv allows you to meet local singles and offers a ton of cool features that will help you find a girlfriend. These features include preference and proximity checks, a tool to see who checked you out, and you can even send and receive gifts! Flurv is also very serious about your safety and privacy, so they have plenty of things to keep you safe and comfortable while meeting new people. People love this app, users love the app’s usefulness, it’s fun nature, and it’s reliability. Over 80% of users love and suggest this app for others to use, so what are you waiting for?! Try it for yourself.

We hope that you take advantage of the above list that we provided you to find a girlfriend. The worst thing you can do is not try them out because the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Download one, two, or all five of these apps and find out which works best for you!