3 Tips to Keep Adult Contacts Discrete

Keeping your adult contacts, hookups, and fuck buddies discrete is hard work, but, of course, it’s well worth it. Whether you’re having an affair, or just need to keep your adult activities a secret, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you don’t get caught red handed.

Tip 1: Turn off text message notifications on your phone.
Before I dive into this tip, I’m hoping that you all know by now to keep a passcode (or fingerprint for unlock if you have a newer iPhone) to prevent anyone other than yourself from accessing your phone. Assuming your phone is passcode protected, there’s still one fine point to take care of.

Many phones (android and iPhones) will display recent unread text messages right on your home/unlock screen. This is a big problem because nosy people (or sex partners) can easily pick up your phone and read these texts right off the home screen without unlocking the phone.

To prevent this, go into your phone settings —> text message settings, and turn off home screen updates. This is absolutely critical to your long term success if you’re going to be fooling around with multiple partners.

Yes, often times, your partners may be understanding of the casual nature of your relationship, but other time’s they won’t be. And it’s far easier to take some basic precautions to hide a unsightly truth from them, than to have to recover and explain yourself when getting caught red handed.

Casual booty call text messages can strike at any time of day, but they often come exactly at the wrong moments. Make sure your phone doesn’t display unread messages on the home screen, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Tip 2: Save contacts under fake names.
Let’s say you have a perfectly great relationship with Ashley, but you’re also having casual sex with Courtney on the side. While your first instinct may be to not save Courtney’s phone number in your phone what so ever, this would be a mistake. Having a unsaved 10 digit phone number pop up in text history is just inviting speculation and distrust. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to save Courtney under a “safe” name such as “Mike from work” or one of your best friend’s names. That way, if a text message is ever seen by prying eyes, you have an easy excuse. When the text messages really push the limit of what your straight work friend “Mike” would be texting you, you can always play it off as an inside joke or something of that nature.

“Having a unsaved 10 digit phone number pop up in text history is just inviting speculation and distrust.”

Tip 3: Use your work phone.
For those of you who simply cannot risk ruining your current relationship or marriage due to booty calls, mistresses, and fuck buddies you’ll need to take the ultimate precaution – using 2 phones. Many professionals already have a personal phone, and a work phone. However, if you don’t already have one, pick up a cheap blackberry or android phone which will now be your “work” phone. Your spouse or partner won’t know the difference, and having two phones gives you the ultimate flexibility to keep your adult contacts private. Again, you’ll want to save any fuck buddy under a fake, inconspicuous name, and hide unread texts from your home screen. Assuming you take these precautions you should be 100% safe from getting caught up in any sort of mess.

Use those three tips and you’ll never get caught via your phone or text history. I wish it was that easy, but you’ve heard the saying – pimpin ain’t easy. Well there you have it folks, it’s not easy, cause if it was everybody would be doing it. For more tips on how to manage adult contacts, no strings attached sex partners, and fuck buddies, check out more of our tips and tricks below.