Best places to meet girls for Sex Right Now

Have you ever thought of meeting girls in person but the idea is daunting.

The bouncer makes you wait in line for over an hour while you get harassed. The girls are not interested in you saying hello and become more defensive. It becomes obvious that bars and clubs are the only places where people gravitate to for flirting and socializing in real life.

I understand you and am about to share something common sense, but shocking for most guys.

Bars, nightclubs, and bars aren’t the only place to meet girls… Tinder or online dating aren’t the only way to meet girls… Your school and social circle are not the only places you can meet girls…

If you are able to use your common sense, you’ll soon discover that you can meet girls anywhere and at any time. Even better, what if you found women who didn’t expect to be approached? These women are more likely to be open to you and will make it easier for you to meet a girl, hook up, or become your girlfriend. It sounds too good to be true. These are 11 proven, surprising, and effective ways to meet girls.

1. The pharmacy

Yes. Yes. Many times, I’ve met girls who stopped by the make-up department. They were looking for high-quality makeup, and they care about their appearances. These girls are exactly the same as you’d see at a bar or nightclub, but this is what happens behind the scenes.

Keep in mind that these situations are not for guys. She is shopping, and she isn’t expecting to meet men in bars or clubs. She is slightly distracted, but less defensive.

One of my wingmen used to want to meet women in the pharmacy. It was a strange obsession that was quite funny. I’d be like “Dude, what is the point?” It’s likely that there are no girls there, and only families.” But when I entered, I was greeted by many beautiful university girls in the condom section and make-up aisle. There were no men around and no friends. She was the only one who could meet me and see her beauty… and give me advice on condoms.

2. Restaurant, fast-food place or late night restaurant

Let’s say that you went clubbing but stayed up late because you wanted to meet women. People tend to go to fast food or diners after leaving bars and clubs. McDonald’s is a popular fast food restaurant. I have met many women here and shared successes with them.

You can simply wait in line to get food and chat with girls, then go sit down with them. You can also skip the food and meet the girls directly. My wingman would simply walk in to a table of girls and get them to like me. Then, we’d suggest a place for us to go.

One funny wingman that I knew would tell me was that if he couldn’t find a girl at the bar or club, he should go to plan B, the streets. If that doesn’t work, he could try plan C, McDonalds. This is a great place to meet girls. You can joke about hamburgers and throw fries at the girl you’re flirting with.

Line to use: Mayor Mc Cheese, don’t touch my meat until I have got to know you… (while smiling and winking).

3. The hour following the club’s closing

My friends and I call this Street game or “Chaos”, because it is what we like to call Street game. It is the last showdown, people are out walking, and girls are generally in good spirits (either drunk or horny).

There are many other drunk men who will approach girls, but if you approach two girls and have a good vibe, it is almost certain that you will find a girl who is open to hooking up. You may hear her say “Where’s your place?” and then make out with you. Or she might be more indirect, saying things like, “Where’s your place?” or flirting with you.

It can be difficult to meet girls in this environment, but here are the reasons it’s so effective.

a. The buying temperature of a girl has been increased over the night. She is therefore more open to sexual contact and sex. Buy temperature refers to emotional state and arousal. This is due to the alcohol, music, validation/attention she gets from the guys at the bar and clubs, and because women enjoy sex as any other human being.

b. There is always a steady stream of girls on the streets, so it is easy to interact with them without worrying about their reputation. This makes it easier for girls to give you a better chance because they haven’t met you yet. Girls you don’t know will likely have seen you interact with other girls in a club and become attracted to you or slightly defensive.

4. Bus stops or buses

Because girls don’t expect it, the bus stop makes it an attractive and effective place to meet women. You can sit down next to the girl on the bus, or in the bus shelter, and have a chat about her day.

This can be a tricky situation because people prefer to take care of their own business on public transit. However, if you are able to strike up a conversation and flirt with the girl, it is possible to get her very interested just by having the courage to speak to you.

Here are some quick tips to help you start a conversation while on the bus.

If she is at the stop, move up to her and start a conversation.”Hello, do you know when the bus arrives…? I’m kidding. You look so cute and I needed an excuse …”Or,”Hey, you have a nice look, who are you?” ” (said with a smile*

b. On the bus, ask where she is going to get off. This will allow you to determine how long you have to communicate with her in order to figure out how quickly you can move things along before you give her your contact information.

5. The grocery store

Another favorite of mine! This is a place that literally no men talk to girls, but there are always opportunities!

You can have a chat about her food choices and sexual innuendo about their food. This is a great way to get the girl laughing and sexually stimulated.

As we mentioned in the tips for bus stops, it is important to initiate a conversation right away. The longer you wait, the more you will lose your chance. Although she’s shopping, she will be open to any approach if it is unexpected.

Line to use”Take two melons and walk up to the guys.

6. This clothing store specializes in women’s clothes

It isn’t weird. It’s like walking into a nightclub. However, the girls are less defensive and, depending on the clothing store (e.g. Guess, forever 21 Dolce and Gabbana), the girls can be extremely sexy (supermodels) as long as they appeal to their beauty subculture.

A side note, in the clothing shop, I wouldn’t recommend spending hours meeting girls in the store. You will most likely be kicked out. You don’t have to stop at meeting girls in the clothing store. Ask them about their outfits and comment on their high heels.

Line to use:”Would it be okay if I swipe to the right, if you saw you on Tinder?” ” (Said in a playful tone.

7. When she’s with her mom

This isn’t a specific place, but rather a situation. This is a very high-pressure situation that many men have never considered. From personal experience, I can tell you that if the mom is open to you picking up her daughter, she will.

I still remember this beautiful Russian girl I met. Her mom liked me and she said, “Alright honey. I’m gonna continue shopping, leave you guys alone. Just give him your number.”

Although this situation may seem difficult, it is possible. Just make sure you don’t come off as too sexual and show the mom that you are interested in her daughter. * her. You are basically showing concern for your child’s safety, but in a socially acceptable manner.

Line to use:You: “Excuse me. You look too adorable. Who are you?”

The mother is confused as to who you are and what you are saying to her daughter. You respond:”Are she her sister?”

With a cheeky smile. They love it because a woman of 50+ still loves to feel beautiful and appreciates compliments.

8. She is out walking in the streets during the day.

When they see a beautiful woman on the street, all men do is to stare at her and move on with their lives. If I have the time, I will run up to her to chat with her. This is a rare sight, as girls are not usually stopped by men who want to flirt with them but by people working for charity or salespeople.

It will take some practice to break the “what the hell is happening here?” wall. However, once I have started to practice, the girl began to giggle and understood my intentions. There will always be girls who don’t understand why you are approaching them within the first two seconds. However, with practice and confidence you can make instant attraction just by saying hello, which is an amazing power.

Line to use:”Hey… (get her to pay attention), I was supposed go about my day but you were just too tempting for me to look at, hi, I’m (insert your name).”

9. The metro

There are two places you can meet girls in the metro: the metro cars and the terminals. You can meet girls in the metro cars the same way as on the bus. However, you need to pay attention to how long you have because of where she is getting off.

Terminals are however a different beast. You might find sexy girls in large or medium-sized cities.

The best thing about the metro is its transience. Girls literally board the metro every minute and there are new ones coming off every second. It’s possible to meet new girls repeatedly and not run into the ones you have just met. Another advantage is that girls usually stand, so you don’t have to stop them walking. Perfect!

Line to use:”Excuse Me, How Many Bus Tickets Do I Need to Buy to Get to Your Heart?”

Yes, it sounds silly, but if you speak confidently and smile big, you’re likely to get both laughing.

10. You don’t go to college.

While I was at University in Quebec, Canada I attended an English-speaking school and a french college right next to it. I went to the next door because I was on a strict schedule and still wanted to meet girls. They didn’t know I was not a student at the university, and they probably didn’t care.

There are many girls that you may meet at a college you do not go to. You can also be more open to meeting new girls, as these girls are people you won’t see again if things get awkward. Colleges are great places to meet girls, because, according to me, college is the best place to meet guys.

Boring classes, being told that their friends are not dating men, the lack of validation, and the increased sex drive and curiosity in their twenties, have turned couples into a pick up cocktail that I will and every guy should enjoy.

Line to use:”Hey, do you know where all the cool girls are at this school?” Haha, I’m kidding. Who are you?

(Said in a self-assured, humorous

11. The sex shop or erotica

It’s amazing to meet girls in this location. This is more than at a party or club. You like sex, she says, because there are sex toys all around, porn. She also has a vibrator in her hands, checking the price.

A key thing for any man to remember is to not make the girl feel stupid in such situations. This is something that many people don’t know, but modern society has a double standard. A man who enjoys sex is considered normal, and may be called either a player or an animal. However, if a woman enjoys sex, society may consider her a slut. This programming can affect your ability to meet girls because you may subtly judge the girl for her expression of her love of sex.

Keep your mouth shut and not look at her strangely if she’s looking at porn or holding a sextoy. Instead, just keep the conversation going and you’ll be able to move on to a hook-up quickly.

This is the situation where you should use a line:”Hi, I’m a pornstar. You know what that means… I have large feet. Haha, hey, I’m…”

There you have it. You now have 11 options to find girls if you’ve ever wondered where they are and where you can meet them.

These places are not for everyone. These places have girls who are less defensive and make it more magical to meet girls. Girls often dream of meeting a man and falling in love with him. Let us, men, improve our lives and make this fantasy a reality.