The 6 Best places to meet girls for Sex Right Now

What’s one of the only things single men got on their mind? Don’t be dirty, this isn’t a crude or trick question. What is on their mind is where and how to meet girls. Regardless of their intention, whether it be a one night stand, a fling, or something serious, the first step to getting anywhere with a girl is to meet them. Being single isn’t a whole lot of fun if you’re ready to get into the dating game, so our article today is meant to jump start your dating life so you can fuck girls for free. So what are we here to talk to you about? Today, we will tell all you single guys out there the six best places to meet girls.

  1. Meet them through your existing social network. Confused by what we mean by this? Let us drop some facts for you. You are 227% more likely to get a girlfriend through your friends or family versus at a bar, gym, or on the street. 227% is a huge number; that means it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll meet a girl by using this method. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Your friends and family know you better than anyone, and they have a ton of single friends, coworkers, and connections. So why not utilize them? Allow them to set you up, or have them simply introduce you to some women at their next party or get together. Let us tie some science into our claim. There’s something called the “social proximity effect,” which claims that the chances of two people meeting is influenced by the amount of connections between the two.
  2. Leave your routine spots and get out of your proximity comfort zone. If you still haven’t been able to meet girls at your favorite local coffee shop, chances are you’re not going to. In fact, the odds of meeting potential partners are greatly decreased if you remain in the six-mile radius around you. So get out of town! Try the new coffee shop that’s out of your way. Take it a step further and leave a review of the place, and see if any cute women who go to the coffee shop respond to your post. Or go on a day trip to the city an hour away. It becomes common sense; the more places you go and the more varying times you go is going to increase your chances of meeting someone.
  3. Go where the people are. This isn’t a trick statement. You’re just as likely to meet girls in a church as you are in a club. Why? Because there’re tons of people at these places. Sure, the classic example people use is meeting your potential match at a coffee shop. But let’s be realistic, how many people are really in a coffee shop at once? I’d say the practical range is between 7-15. And out of that small portion, who is there at the same time as you, that is also attractive, single and interested in you? Not to get depressing, but we’re arguing that your chances of meeting girls increase substantially when you’re at a location where a ton of others are, too. Think concerts, festivals, farmers markets, clubs, a shopping mall, or even a museum. More people means better odds of meeting a single woman who is right for you.
  4. Bars and clubs. Cliche, but for good reason. Bars and clubs are the sure places to go to meet girls because anyone who’s single will probably be there on a Friday night. Now, don’t get turned off because you think that meeting chicks at bars and clubs are probably trashy, slutty, or way too drunk. Different places have different vibes. Some bars are classy and are aimed at a more mature, older, and a successful crowd. On the other hand, some clubs are targeted at young, EDM loving, shot drinking college students. We’re not saying one is better than the other, but one is better for you. Figure out what kind of girl you’re trying to meet and decide which bar or club to go to from there. It’s super easy to approach girls at these places because the environment is dedicated to being a social atmosphere. No one goes to a club or bar to be a social recluse- they want to meet people and have fun. Not to mention, it’s always easier to start a conversation when you’re a little buzzed.
  5. Activities and hobbies. What are you interested in? What do you want to learn more about? If you love cooking, take a cooking class. If you love the outdoors, join a kayaking or hiking class. If you’re passionate about animals, volunteer at your local shelter. Do you catch my drift here? You have a huge chance of meeting girls while you’re out doing these fun activities. Why? Because mainly single people sign up for this sort of stuff! This is a great way to meet girls, have fun, stay busy, and feel more fulfilled all at once. Whether you’re into painting, exercising, baking, or saving the planet, there’s some group, class, or organization you can join and meet girls at. It’s also a great way to find a best buddy.
  6. Parties and events. You know that you’re guilty of turning down your friend’s invite to his company barbecue, or your brother’s annual Christmas party that’s too far out of town. Maybe you’re tired, you’re busy with work, or would rather be doing something less time consuming. Well, stop making excuses and go to these functions, because you have a huge possibility of meeting girls there. Even better, throw your own party and tell your friends to bring their single girl friends so you can chat it up with them!

Guys, what do you have to lose by taking advantage of the six tips above? We know that you can meet girls naturally and easily if you take our advice, so what are you waiting for?