April 27, 2017

Fun Dating, Sex Hookup and Swingers Site With Style – Ultimate WellHello Review

You may have read numerous WellHello.com reviews, but you don’t know much about the site. Most reviews are not written by people who have spent more than 20 minutes with the site and have not spent any money on premium features. This review is unique in this regard. To get the true WellHello experience, I spent many weeks testing every feature.

This site was popularized in 2017 and I first came across it several years ago. The site was brand new and claimed to be “a fun and friendly website for fun dating and meeting singles, swingers”, and “an online adult network that’s designed to allow you meet like-minded singles or couples.” Although it sounds great in theory, we want to revisit them after several years. We wanted to check out how they have changed and whether it is worth recommending it as one of the top dating and hookup websites.

This sit started with a lot promise, but will it live up?

How I reviewed WellHello.com and Why It Matters

Beyond Ages takes a time-consuming, expensive approach to reviewing hookup apps and dating apps. Many reviews are either compilations or reviews of reviews that were written after using the free app for 20 minutes. Our approach is different.

You can only get a complete picture of how an app or site can enhance your dating life by giving both the paid and free versions a try. We do exactly that! Do not listen to reviews that do not follow this simple step.

To get a full understanding of WellHello’s success rate, I did the following:

My review process

  • I used the paid and free versions for several weeks
  • I inspected every corner of the site, and tested all the features.
  • I have sent many messages to women from all walks of life
  • I kept following up using the tried-and-true methods we teach, which have resulted in hundreds of dates.
  • I tried my best to make as many dates out of the conversations that I had started.
  • To understand the position of WellHello, I compared my findings with those of 100+ other dating apps and hookup apps that we had recently reviewed.

This is the only way to determine if a site is worth your time and not a ripoff. There are many low-quality websites that you should avoid, but only a few that are worth your time.

Over the past year, I and the Beyond Ages team have reviewed more than 100 dating and hookup websites. We spent a lot of time researching the best options, and we have had great success finding women who are interested in the best sites. There are few people who have more experience with so many apps and websites than we do.

Here’s our WellHello review. Continue reading to discover the real value of WellHello.

How WellHello Compares to The Best Hookup Sites

Always, we do a quick comparison with a top-quality hookup app. We then jump into our comprehensive review of WellHello.

This is how Wellhello compares with the AFF standard for hookup apps and websites (which you can also download here for free). It’s always a good idea to compare a new hookup app to the best.



Our recommendation

We have a good understanding of WellHello’s features, especially for guys. It is not the best option, but it will be an option for most guys.

If you are still considering WellHello as a possible option over more legitimate options like AFF, there are some things you should be aware of.

WellHello is full of fake profiles

Before we begin messaging someone, we spend a lot time looking through profiles. We want to know what kind of people use the app, and which women are the most attractive near us.

We weren’t encouraged by what we discovered. Our review goes into greater detail, but we discovered a lot fake profiles and possibly mass-generated profiles. It is difficult to determine if any real women are using this site.

Many fake messages were sent to us

You already know that messages begin flooding in as soon as you sign up for a profile. Even if you don’t have a profile, you will start receiving messages from attractive women who are looking for chat.

Is that possible?

Are women really just waiting for someone to respond to their messages? Doubtful. It’s difficult to trust the messages you get, and it can be frustrating.

They are just too dangerous to trust

There are so many problems on the site that it is hard to trust. There are many more reliable options available that will get you the results you want.

You can run fast, or you can read the details below. AFF offers a free trial if you are looking for an app or site that consistently delivers great results, especially for men. AFF’s free trial has been the most effective for many guys. The majority of guys will not be able do better elsewhere.



Let’s now dive into the details of what we discovered:

How popular is WellHello REALLY?

In the world of dating and hookup sites, bigger is better. You will have more options if you have more users. It doesn’t take very long for everyone to move on to the next app once a site starts losing members.

It is hard to find accurate WellHello user information since they don’t make it public. Be skeptical if you read claims in other reviews that WellHello has recent numbers. We can see trends in the number of people searching for the site. This indicator is an excellent indicator of the site’s popularity over time.

This is how WellHello has seen its popularity grow and shrink over the past decade.

WellHello was launched in 2015. It grew slowly initially, but then saw a surge of popularity around 2018. It has been steadily declining since then, which is always bad news for dating apps.

This information can be used to estimate that the site receives between 25,000-50,000 users per month searching for it. Although this may seem like a lot, major sites such as AFF and Tinder are receiving several MILLION searches. Because there are only so many people to connect with, it can be difficult to use a site this small.

This site is in decline and will get worse over time.

Sign up at WellHello.com

Given a name such as WellHello, I expected a site that would be very welcoming. It was. This site’s creator seems to understand the importance of first impressions. The sign-up page featured a simple background of smiling faces and people enjoying themselves. The orange and blue logo at WellHello.com was cute and professional. I was intrigued.

Their introduction was short and straight-forward.

“WellHello” is an adult online community for singles and couples who are open to meeting and chatting with other like-minded people. We have what you need, no matter how long-term or short-term.

All I had seen thus far made a positive first impression. Now, the question was: Could WellHello deliver on these impressions?

Hello, it’s more naughty then nice

After signing up with WellHello, one of the first things that I noticed was the abundance of explicit content. The homepage displayed a very small, sketchy banner advertisement at the top. Below the featured profiles was a section called “Videos”, which showcased some pretty graphic videos.

WellHello seemed to be more of an entertainment site than a dating website. This was not a promising sign.

Only one goal is the focus of legitimate dating sites: to help you find a date with a real person. They won’t try to make you feel uncomfortable by sending you to a site that allows you to watch explicit videos. Although there’s nothing wrong in being a bit risque, WellHello would be a disappointment if that was all they had.

The rest of my signup process was fairly straightforward. I just had to fill out the required fields and create my profile.

Prices and membership options

Before you can even view a single profile on WellHello, you are pushed to a sales page trying to sell you a paid subscription. If you wish to have full access to the site, there are three pricing options.

  • Access for $1 24 hours a day
  • 1 month membership at $24.95
  • Annual membership $89.40 (or $7.45 per Month).

I chose the monthly option for this review and was charged $24.95 per calendar month. It was not a wise investment.

After reading our review, if you are still curious about the site, only choose the 24-hour option. This is all you will need.

How Well Hello works, and what it looks.

The WellHello website was also dominated by ads and pictures that amounted to popup windows. It was difficult to locate the menu bar or the member profiles. My homepage was replaced by an upgrade page when I first signed in.

WellHello surfing felt like driving on a terrible freeway at night with cars speeding by me in haphazard fashion. I had only been on the road for a few minutes when I felt like I wanted to get off.

The most important thing for dating websites is user interface. Their site should feel open and simple to use. They make it easy for members to search for someone to date. Sites that are good for dating don’t have flashy, bright ads that distract from their content.

If a website looks like WellHello, it’s either because the owners don’t care or they don’t know what to do to create a pleasant online experience. I find neither of these scenarios inspiring.

Use the WellHello App

These days, we evaluate the website and the app for most websites. Many people feel that either the website or the app are significantly better and more worth discussing. We couldn’t even test the WellHello app, as they don’t offer it.

You don’t have to be a small site if you don’t even own an app. This is a red flag.

You can do so much with a free account

WellHello was my guide. Everything I did led me directly to the account upgrade pages. Logging in was the best way to do it. It was frustrating. It was frustrating. At the minimum, you should have access to member profiles and the ability to send messages.

You can’t do anything on this site that is worthwhile without paying.

Paid memberships can be reserved for exclusive features such as displaying your profile first in search results. There are many great, free dating sites that you don’t have to pay for.

Experience in communicating with other members

The constant stream of messages that I received added to the chaos. WellHello immediately began to bombard me with messages from beautiful women profiles. One replied, “Hey there.” “Were they trying to message us on snapchat?”

I don’t know what that one meant. What would it have meant to message a woman I don’t know on Snapchat.

Another WellHello message asked for more photos. Another WellHello message followed, “Add more pictures! Another. They were strong, too strong.

Anyone who has ever spent any time on an online dating site knows how difficult it is to get messages. It can take hours to find the right message and start a conversation with a woman you like. It was suspicious that I was receiving so many messages immediately (without having to put up a profile pic)

I expected this to happen. However, I was unable to reply to the messages and WellHello informed me that I had to upgrade to a paid account. This is a common tactic used by many sketchy websites. To encourage you to sign-up for a paid account, they send you fake messages from attractive women. You will never hear from them again once you have signed up. This is a huge red flag.

Who actually uses this site (profiles).

I was intrigued by all the unprompted messages I received from gorgeous women. I clicked on several of them, but there was not much information. Many of these women did not even have a basic description of themselves. I decided to use an old trick that I have used a lot: Google’s reverse-image search function for their photos.

Unsurprisingly, the results were not great. A few profile photos had a lot of matches. One photo was featured on trashy websites (it’s what one would expect).

A profile with a photo taken from another site is usually a sign that the whole thing has been faked. I found the Terms of Use page at WellHello. It stated:

“You acknowledge that Smoochy Brands (the people behind WellHello.com) creates and maintains some profiles and that some’members” of the site are actually fictitious individuals created by employees or agents. You also acknowledge and agree Smoochy Brands can respond to your messages to Love Hostesses via employees, chat bots, or agents.

There are many names that sound like fake profiles, but I have seen “Love Hostesses” as one of the most bizarre.

They may also use your personal content

When I read the fine print on WellHello’s website, I discovered even more troubling issues. It said, “You hereby grant us a perpetual and royalty-free worldwide license to publish Your content on the Site or any other Sites or media.” I sure did.

Imagine you’re browsing another website and see a photo of you on WellHello or one of the other sites that fall under the Smoochy Brands umbrella. It could happen, given the permissions in this user agreement. They have the right to take your photos and use them as they wish. This was enough to me realize that WellHello.com wasn’t worth my time.

Who should use Well Hello? – Our Final Recommendation

This WellHello review will show you that WellHello doesn’t really have much to offer. It is a confusing site, overloaded with fake profiles. Although it claims to be completely free, the creators may take your personal information and make a profit. This is not how real dating websites work.

The internet is full of real dating sites so don’t be discouraged. We believe that AFF (which can be downloaded for free here) should be the first choice for most men, especially for those who haven’t been successful with Tinder. AFF is a great option for many more men. It might be as simple as saying “hello” to the man of your dreams.

More FAQs about WellHello

Is WellHello legit?

Many people have asked us whether WellHello is legitimate. The answer is “kinda”. It is certainly a decent website that doesn’t try to scam you, but it’s not the best. It is safe to use, but it won’t give you great results.

Is WellHello a real app?

Similar to WellHello’s question, we don’t see why this site shouldn’t be considered legitimate. Real does not necessarily mean that it is effective. It simply means that you are able to log in and interact with real people. We have found that you are unlikely to see great results, but you will get messages from real people.

Is WellHello a scam?

It is funny how the same question can be asked three times with different words. Our review doesn’t suggest that WellHello scam. Although it’s a very real app, it is not as useful as it could be. It would be great if they had more users. The actual WellHello app itself is quite good. It needs to be used by more people.

Is WellHello safe?

We have used it for several weeks and can confirm that WellHello is safe and reliable. They won’t try to take your credit card information or charge you for other things. It is a safe site, but it doesn’t have enough users to be of any use.

What are some good alternatives to WellHello

This is a question that we have spent a lot time researching. We have reviewed 100+ hookup sites and apps for our rankings. AFF is the most popular option, especially for men. AFF has millions to millions of users, and is very focused on hookups and not relationships. Give them a shot and you will be amazed at the results.