How to Flirt With Your Sex Buddy Over Text

You deserve my congratulations.

This is a message for you if you are looking for a fuck friend. You made the right decision.

Nothing is more thrilling than a sexual adventure with a gorgeous woman in the bedroom. Imagine how it would feel to be able to make every girl you know fall for you… and how she loves sucking you…

Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you horny. I have another purpose. I’m going to show you how you can flirt with your fuck friend over text and get them to have sex. This is because I want to show you how to make your fuck buddy so lusty she cannot control it.

Yes, that’s right. I mean the desire to dress you up and do other things. One thing I can promise you. Follow the advice in this article and she will love every moment she spends with your family.

Let’s now see how to text girls so they want to fuck with you again and again.

1. Add an Emoji to every text message

Emojis can be powerful.

These emoticons are very powerful as they allow you communicate your emotions through text messages. Most men misuse emojis in a wrong way. They actually throw so many emojis at women that these poor girls want a rock to hide behind.

Don’t overdo it. A single emoji is sufficient. Please don’t send any kisses or hearts to her. You won’t get laid again if you do that. You want your fuck friend to be interested in you, and you want her to be rouse.

Instead of using all these emojis in your messages, choose one. One emoji suffices. That’s the winking-face emoji. It does the job. It can be used to send a joke or a snarky message.

It will be a hit with her.

2. In her head, create a naughty image

She’ll love the images you create in her head.

You can do it! It’s not difficult. It’s easy to connect with your creative potential, and she will create thoughts that aren’t safe for work. Women are more emotionally stimulated than men. This is a key point to remember.

Also, a man doesn’t need to have a pair of boobs to be ready to do it. Women are different. Women desire to live out their fantasies with all of their senses. They desire and require the whole emotional spectrum.

Describe the smell of your bedsheets. Discuss the scent candles that you purchased. Tell her that you just got out of the shower. Tell a story. If you have trouble coming up with a story idea, you might be able to read an erotic book for women.

It doesn’t need to be in 50 shades of grey.

3. Aroused her by teasing her

Imagine if you could create these images for her by telling her a naughty tale?

You have now successfully guided her imagination towards the right place. Even though she may not be able to admit it, you already know what she feels.

She’s aroused. Perhaps she is already wet. This is the ideal time to intensify the sexual tension. You can send her a text message to tease her about being aroused.

You naughty thing, I can see what you are thinking.

All you have to do is that. If she has never been wet before her panties will transform into a lake after she reads your message. How is that possible? You guide her deeper into the fantasy, and that’s how she feels these emotions even more strongly.

4. Ask her inappropriate questions

What questions could you ask her over text?

You have slept with her before and she is your fuck friend. She is your fuck buddy and you can ask any question. There are no restrictions. The best questions to ask her are those that make her think about you and what you would like to do together.

Would you be interested in me going down on you until your come?

Which is your most bizarre sexual fantasies that you have never shared with anyone?

What would you like me to do next time we meet?

Ask her interesting questions. Ask her questions that will make her feel like she wants to be with you again.

5. Send her a partial compliment

You look amazing.

It’s a compliment. It’s flattering but not sexually stimulating. Instead, you can send her a compliment to create an image of yourself. This is the best way to create an image for her.

This may sound strange, but it will make her feel more emotional. Women want to feel seduction through all of their senses. They enjoy imagining different scenarios. This is their emotional stimulation.

Instead of saying “your physique makes me want you to fall on me”, you can say “your body make me want to …””. You let her fill in the gaps. She can create whatever image she likes in her head.

Perhaps she wants you to fall on her. Perhaps she wants you to point at her. Maybe she wants you spank her. She has the freedom to choose which scenario she likes best.

This will make her extremely horny.

6. Tell her what you’ll do next time you meet her

Already made her horny with a couple of unfulfilled compliments. This will make her wonder about all the things she could do with her body. Are you looking to increase your sexual tension? Let her know what you would like to do next time you meet her.

Since you sent her your first naughty question, she was eagerly awaiting this moment. Now, you have created all these explicit images for her by using incomplete compliments. It’s time to strike the final blow.

Tell her what you plan to do next time. Don’t describe every part of your body, but only the ones that you are most comfortable with. You don’t have to reveal everything, but she will love it because it gives her another chance to create an extremely rousing image in her head.

You can tell her you will care for her cute little butt or that you will play with the breasts. It doesn’t matter what you do, just describe it. She will be able to come up with many scenarios.

She will do whatever you ask her the next time she sees you.