November 28, 2021


Is it difficult to be a free woman on social media? It’s not easy, let me tell you.

Like most people on the planet, I have an Instagram account. My fourth account may be my last. You may not have had to experience being banned from one the most popular social media sites, but I did. Many cam girls, sex workers and sexually liberated women also experience this. While I love Instagram, I have come to hate its outdated censorship policies.

Chrissy Kay is my name and I was inspired by my love-hate relationship to Instagram to start my own platform. Confused? Let me explain.

I am a millennial. Like most millennials, my life was shaped online. While I was outside and didn’t have an iPhone X from my mother, it is almost true that I was raised online. My parents and most of my family did a lot of online growing up. Although we share so much via the internet, social media seems to prefer to focus on nipples. Correct, it’s female nipples.

One of these social media platforms is Instagram. They try to prevent sexual content from getting onto their users’ feeds. They’re doing a good job of it. Insta banned me for my nipples and my underboob.

Insta was a place I loved deeply, but I wasn’t happy with the limitations on what photos I could upload. What was the best place to go? Tumblr recently outlawed nudity, both photos and illustrations. But more specifically, “female presenting pimples.”

I don’t know if you’re against letting go of the nipple on sites that are supposed celebrate users sharing their lives through their platforms. That’s not what I want. I wanted an Instagram site where my nipples weren’t banned, censored, or celebrated.

I created this platform to allow other sexually freed women, and those who love them, to be their full, uncensored selves.

Instead of allowing myself to be defeated, I continued pushing on, being the feminist that I am, and decided to take control. This idea came to me while I was in college. I decided to take a few programming classes and learned the basics as well as some more advanced skills.

I was able to draft the first version Cupid’s Library in a few months!

Cupid’s Library doesn’t require you to worry about being shut down by the man. You can post your “female-presenting nipples” and any other content that could be immediately deleted on Instagram or any other prude social media platform.

Enjoy sharing what you love!