February 20, 2023

7 Tips for No Strings Fun

#1 | Don’t get attached.
The nature of no strings fun means that by definition neither party should be getting attached or overly invested in the relationship. The goal of no strings attached dating and casual dating in general, is to avoid the complications of feelings, attachment, and investment in long term relationships.

No strings means that there are no rules, no holds barred, and no regrets. It’s a chance to enjoy the benefits of dating while maintaining the freedom of being single. It’s a delicate balance that takes effort to maintain. While we can’t always help how we feel, it’s important to keep your attachment to the arrangement fluid, because nothing will kill casual no strings fun faster than one partner getting attached.

#2 | Don’t let your partner get attached.
Same goes for your partner, don’t do anything to lead them on, or indicate that the arrangement is anything other than no strings fun. It is vital for the no strings relationship to be ongoing that neither you or your partner become disjointed with your intentions. Be clear with your intentions, never lead your partner on, and most of all, keep it light and fun.

“Be clear with your intentions, never lead your partner on, and most of all, keep it light and fun.”

#3 | Don’t spend the night (if possible).
This tip is debatable. Sometimes, it’s just not reasonable to leave at 4 in the morning and drive home. That being said, it’s clearly important to respect your partner’s space, life, and schedule. While the sex is fun, literally sleeping with someone else inside your bed is not everyone’s cup of tea. In an effort to not overly disrupt your partner’s lifestyle, make sure you leave (and don’t spend the night) if possible.

#4 | Don’t be needy.
Nothing kills a casual relationship faster than neediness. Neediness is the death of all casual relationships. No one wants to hear about your problems, be your soundboard, or hear about your random superficial or otherwise critical issues. Keep the neediness to a minimum, even if that means coming off a bit aloof. The opportunity to connect on a real level will present itself when the time comes, but don’t force intimacy by divulging your secrets, problems, or insecurities.

#5 | Don’t over-text.
Texting is an absolute necessity in todays technological world. With texting, there’s a range of good, bad, and ugly. Texting and messaging can be an extremely powerful communication tool that’s a fast track to getting laid, or a quick way to shoot yourself in the foot and spoil your chances at hooking up.

To keep your texting effective and in your favor, the number one tip is to not over text. So often, both men and women, over text their casual sex partner. This is a no no. Ideally, text and messages should alternate between you and your partner. If you’ve texted 4 separate threads in a row and not received a response, you’re over-texting.

#6 | Be receptive to your partner’s wants.
No strings attached is about experimenting, being free, and trying new things that you might not normally do with a long term romantic partner. Use a no strings attached relationships to live out fantasies, try to new things, and most of all be receptive to your partner’s wants.

Don’t hate on anything until you try it, now that’s some good advice. Getting freaky and pushing your boundaries can be exhilarating, fun, and risk-free in a casual no strings relationship. Live it up, and make the most of your opportunity.

#7 | Keep a rotation.
The best way to automatically implement all of the tips and tricks mentioned in this article is to keep a rotation. Now by no means do you need to fuck the whole city, or feel like slut, but keeping a rotation of 2 to 3 casual sex partners when you’re just looking no strings sex is a great way to keep your confidence high, neediness low, and attachment in check. The best way to be an amazing no strings fuck buddy is to have a rotation ready, and the rest comes easy. So what are you waiting for? Start a new casual or no strings style relationship today. Sign up below.